These are mostly YouTube videos of interviews, contemporry works, and just "interesting stuff".  

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An Interview with

Paul Spooner

Paul Spooner lecture

An Interview with

Keith Newstead

Keith Newstead's Work

"Lost & Found"

Rustic Automata

Installation for Birmingham Museum - Matt Smith

Urban Face II

Pablo Levezzari

The Usual Suspects

Tom Haney

Modern Automata

Clive Doherty

The Sultan's Elephant

Media Slave

Pablo Levezzari

Demonstration of Robert Houdin's Orange Tree

Beatles Automaton

Daniel Bennan

Matt Smith Interview

Rude Mechanicals

Frank Nelson

The Alchemyst's Clock

Thomas Kuntz

The Beautiful Machine

Del Short

Automata Montage

Al Conquergood

The Italian Orchestra

Keith Newstead

Automaton for film

"The Best Offer"

Sharmanka Kinetic Theater

Glasgow, Scotland

A Cabaret of Mechanical Movement

The Boyer Museum

Belleview, Kansas

These Gears Really Work

The Artful Dodger

Donation Box


Marble Machine

Marble Machine

How It Works

Arthur Ganson

TED Talk