These YouTube videos offer an introduction to classical automata.   [This page may be SLOW to load.]

When viewing, click on the icon in the lower right corner to view the video full screen.  Click again to return screen to normal.  (But you probably know all that if you've ever spent any time on Youtube.)  If you get a message that the video must be played on YouTube, just click on the message to go there.  NOTE: Some of these videos are quite long.

Museum of Automata, York, England

David Roentgen's

The Dulcimer Player

Jaquet Droz Automata


The Guinness Collection

Morris Museum

Mechanical Marvels—Automaton: The Draughtsman-Writer "Android," ca.1800

Junod's Wonderland

Mechanical Wonders of the 19th Cent.

(no sound)

Automata of the

Museum of Toys of Virtue

The Peacock Clock at the

Hermitage State Museum

The Silver Swan Automaton

John Joseph Merlin

The Chess Playing Turk

Two Japanese Automata

Calligrapher and Archer

Mechanical Marvels,

Clockwork Dreams

Machines of the Gods

Museum of Automata and Magic